I’m a practitioner and researcher. I design and explore alternative economic, justice, and political systems to legacy institutions in the context of the digital revolutions - systems able to meet the existential challenges of our time.

At Foresight, I build towards better, technology-enabled futures, and connect and grow a decentralized scientific community advancing those goals.

Through Embassy Network and Feÿtopia, I support the growth of an intervowen network of place-based communities experimenting with new forms of governance and solidarity.

Ecosystem steward

Foresight Institute

A nonprofit accelerating a large group of scientists & technologists where legacy institutions usually fail to do so, and building the path to concrete long-term desirable futures (“existential hope”).

Since 2017 I’ve been supporting in multiple capacities. These days I focus on the curation of specific programs and the growth and interconnectedness of the ecosystem.


An extitutional commune of thinkers and builders hosted at Chateau du Feÿ. I co-build the temporary commune, with a focus on governance, coordination, emotional care & conflict transformation, and extitutionality.

Embassy Network

Communities experimenting with governance and solidarity.


A guild of impact-driven experts using creativity & technology to reshape the world.


A lot of my work revolves around investigating existential paradigms in technology and society, encouraging interdisciplinary dialogues, and fostering spaces where people can meet and scheme to create better futures. I’m an avid salonnière; organize conferences, design workshops, and give the occasional talk on these topics.

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